She made an honest man of him

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These two handsome folks got married today after ten years together:

TJ and Tarya on Twitpic

Tarya, the one on the right, is my cousin—some of you may spot our resemblance, though she's much prettier than me. Her husband TJ is on the left. The picture is by my lovely wife Air. Since I was the official photographer at the wedding, I have a ton of other photos (more than 700!), but they need a bit of prep before I put some online.

It was a remarkable day, and I managed to avoid crying all over my cameras. Just barely.

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You were very busy .....I know you've got some great pictures and I look forward to seeing them. It was a beautiful wedding .... Tarya is as cute as the come! TJ as sweet as they one could ever be. Yes, I think I see some kind of resemblance between you and Tarya.
It was so nice to see you and our family after so long. You are a great family and it's so nice to see the love between you all.
I'm glad I took some pictures as well, glad that I got you to put down your camera's for a bit so I could get you in there to.

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