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Remember back when I didn't want to join Facebook or Twitter because they were just too new and trendy and I figured they'd go the way of Friendster and ICQ and other long-dormant online services that no one uses anymore?

Ah, those halcyon days. I've been completely corrupted now. Like Darren Barefoot, I've just added a Facebook "Like" button and a Twitter "Tweet" button to each of my blog posts on this site, the easier for you to highlight them on those services, if you use them. (It was simpler than I expected in Movable Type, actually.) I don't plan on adding the additional potential forest of other buttons for sharing around the Web, just these two.

Since I converted over to my new publishing system here a few months ago, I've been tweaking the templates from time to time (mostly altering typography a bit), but this is probably the most noticeable addition.

Let me know in the comments for this post if you find the new buttons either useful or annoying.


Welcome, brother in corruption. I've seen basically no increase in traffic from Facebook thus far, but it's early days.

Change is inevitable, may as well go with the flow, resistance is useful only up to a point although I have not had anyone, as far as I know, tweet or facebook any of my blog posts.

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