2010's final episode of Inside Home Recording

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Sometime early in 2011, I will be forced to end my nearly-five-year stint co-hosting Inside Home Recording (IHR), the longest-running podcast about recording music and audio in your home or project studio. The reason is obvious: I'll most likely be dead from cancer by the end of the year, and we're trying to smooth the transition on the show.

My co-host Dave Chick and I have just posted our final 2010 episode, IHR #85 (also available in MP3 format), and it includes a guest segment by Hens Zimmmerman of the Netherlands, as well as my batch of suggestions for good home-recording Christmas gifts under $200. We ask our listeners what the podcast should do once I'm off the air too.

Today is also the last chance for us to get votes for the 2010 Podcast Awards. I'd appreciate if you could vote (even if you already have—you can do it once a day), since it will be my final opportunity to win one, and this is the first year that IHR has even reached the nomination stage.

While Inside Home Recording is a lot of work and doesn't pay at all, I've enjoyed doing it. As with any instructional task, I've learned at least as much as I've taught since joining founder and original host (and now my friend) Paul Garay on the program in 2006. As with many other things, I wish I could keep going.


I am willing to bet you will sill be around a year from now, maybe even two.
your tumors are still slow growing, which is a good sign. most people wit metastatic colon cancer are dead within 2 years. you're still here.

Hey Derek,

Just stopped by to catch an update on how your feeling. Hang in there!! Wishful thinking is to say stranger things have happened. Truthfully, stranger things "have" happened! Whatever the outcome, my prayers are with you.

Happy new year to you and your family and God bless,
George Hyde

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