Vancouver and Shanghai, growing fast

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More than five years ago, I posted a photo showing the huge change in the downtown Vancouver skyline between 1978 and 2003:

False Creek, Vancouver from the Granville Street Bridge, 1978 and 2003

Here's an even more startling one (via Greg)—Shanghai in 1990 and 2010:

Shangai, 1990 and 2010

As Vivian Lau reported on Twitter: "My grandma went back last year and was like 'WHERE THE F#%! AM I?'"

1 Comment

Wow... what are the chances you think that somebody is shooting an ongoing time-lapse right now? Photography kicks ass!
BTW, Derek, I've picked up the guitar and recorded my first 2 ever songs, you might want to check it out :)
I must say I know in advance the recording is ass, and I need some real solutions to the record/mix.

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