Knocked down a peg

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Know what happens when you're already sick and weak and tired from stage 4 cancer, and then you catch a small virus that gives you a minor fever and some aches and pains?

As I discovered on Friday, you get wiped out. I've just been sleeping and sleeping all weekend, between trips to the bathroom and occasional kitchen visits to get a bit of food. I'm ridiculously tired.

I hope this goes away soon. I've hardly spoken to my wife and kids in two days. At least the diet root beer still tastes good.


I am sending positive wishes your way today that you regain some of that lost energy. It sucks that you are experiencing this too!


Why DIET rootbeer? I'd be all "Bring on the calories".

Hoping you are back on your feet very soon, Derek.

Man, that sucks! Pregnant + flu knocked me on my butt for days, I can't imagine what cancer + flu must feel like :(

Was going to +1 raincaster, but saw your answer. Hope you feel better soon.

On another subject: on balance, are you glad you did all those different chemos? Or would you rather have had a better quality of life? If you don't feel like answering that, I understand. I just see so many people being miserable through chemo.

Derek, I know that I have learned from both your blog and the Inside Home Recording podcast. I hope you are comfortable and feel well enough to share more of your recording wisdom.

Thank you for taking time to share with all of us.
Best Wishes...

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