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UPDATE Feb 28: Off to see the doctor. Still no voice, still a low-grade fever. Need to get the professionals involved.

Somehow, my daughter Marina's iron constitution has protected her, but her sister, mom, and I have all been hit by a low-level flu virus over the past week. Needless to say, in my already weakened state, I got whacked pretty hard. Still, I'm recovering okay.

However, strangely, I've completely lost my voice. I've had that happen before, briefly, for a day or two—sometimes I've even had a cold give me a temporary deep radio-announcer voice. Decades later, I also recall the cruelty with which my elementary-school cohorts and I laughed at our grade 5 science teacher, whose macho male voice was transformed by any chest cold into that of a squeaky cartoon character.

But I've been unable to speak in anything but a raspy Vito Corleone whisper since last Tuesday. I've had to postpone both a podcast recording and a radio interview twice, and I'd planned on giving a little talk at an event later this week; I may remain largely mute instead, although things might improve by then too.

I've always been a chatty guy, so it's bizarre to restrain myself from talking. If the condition persists, I'll have to ask a doctor what to do. I'd like my vocal cords back.


You could give your talk this week with cue cards ala Bob Dylan.

Granted, I have an odd sense of humor, but the idea of you doing your best Vito Corleone (with a Canadian accent of course) for an entire podcast sounds pretty funny. Seriously though, hole your voice comes back soon.

I guess the good news is that when this illness passes you'll have more energy. It's just a virus that's keeping you down and the cancer not as much, hopefully.

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