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What is the verdict following my full weekend (62 hours) of self-imposed speechlessness? No effect whatsoever: my laryngitis (or, to introduce another term, dysphonia) remains in full force, and a whisper is still about the best I can do. So among the doctors' referrals I'm waiting for, I'm hoping the otolaryngologist (ear, nose, and throat) specialist contacts me soon.

Tomorrow it will be a full month since I stopped being able to talk full voice, or sing, or be heard in any but the quietest environments. It's become pretty damn frustrating, especially for someone who's usually as talkative as I am. Nor did I find the task of not talking on Saturday and Sunday the least bit fun.

The weather isn't helping. I perked up slightly yesterday when the sun came out, but Vancouver has returned to grey spring drizzle today. My aunt and uncle had enough of it last week, and took one of their regular trips to the Nevada desert. I can understand their motivation.

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