Women's Day, some way to go

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New Starbucks logoI found today one of mixed messages. Over the course of a few minutes' watching the news on TV this morning, I saw this:

  • Today marks 100 years of International Women's Day, focusing on reducing inequality and oppression. Much has changed for the better in a century, but there remains a long way to go, especially outside the Western world. In Canada, there are several hundreds events underway.

  • But today is also Mardis Gras in New Orleans, where men toss cheap bead necklaces to encourage women to show their breasts.

  • And Starbucks Coffee celebrates its 40th anniversary today by unveiling what I think is a fairly spiffy new logo. Yet at the celebration event in Seattle, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz was surrounded by a bunch of male executives dressed (like him) in suits, then a bunch of baristas (mostly female) in aprons.

Yes, some way to go.

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