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Thursday, March 02, 2006
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Troubleshoot your Apple Remote battery

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Troubleshoot your Apple Remote batteryHere's a neat tip I just found at Apple's website:

You can use the built-in iSight camera to see if your Apple Remote is emitting a signal. A digital camera or DV camera with an LCD display will work too. Infrared beams are invisible to the human eye, but most digital camera and video cameras use Charged-Coupled Device (CCD) chips or image sensors that are sensitive to infrared light. [My emphasis - D.]

To use an iSight or digital camera to test your Apple Remote, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on the iSight by opening the video preview window of iChat. If you are using another camera, turn it on so you see a live picture through the LCD.
  2. Point your Apple Remote toward the lens of the camera.
  3. Press and hold the Menu button on the remote while looking at the video preview window or LCD.
    • If you see a faint blinking light coming from the Apple Remote in the video preview window or LCD, then the remote is working properly.
    • If you don't see any blinking light, replace the battery in your Apple Remote and then test it again with your iPod Hi-Fi.

I was having some trouble that turned out not to be the battery, but an improper pairing of the remote with the iMac, but I sure thought that tip was cool.

Of course, if the remote had something on it that lit up when you pressed a button, this wacky hack would be unnecessary. How very Apple.


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