03 July 2007


Some things never change

Here is me circa 1974:

Derek Circa 1974

Here is me last month:

Derek 2007

Thanks to my aunt and uncle for the top photo.

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I still can't believe how much Lauren resembles a young DKM.
LOL that's really funny!

Yep, my mum has one like that of me, except my instrument of choice is my big brother's best tennis racket.

Good luck with the surgery - thinking of you.

Hi Derek,

While you're recovering in hospital, and if you can't do any blogging during that time, I'll keep your friends up-to-date on my blogger page (https://penmachinedad.blogspot.com).


Dude! Just wanted to wish you all the best before your surgery tomorrow. Now recover as quickly as you can so we can go to the Kwikemart for Squishies! (Man, there's gonna be a riot if they don't have chutney flavour)
I'm thinking about you , Derek, and hoping for the best possible outcome for your surgery tomorrow.