18 January 2008


New specs

These are my first new glasses since 2004. Not too much different, but I like 'em (actually, I was looking at a much weirder blue pair, but both my wife and I agreed these were better). And the soul patch is gone now too:

New specs

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yah,it's a good look on you. Nice specs.
You look great!
Good choice. Love 'em.
As a long time voiceless lurker, I have chosen this moment to break the silence to share my feelings about the tragic loss of the soulpatch.

Excellent choice on the specs-- but I am saddened to see the soulpatch go.
I liked the soul patch too, but the chemo was making it thin, wispy, and so grey it was almost invisible. Had to nuke it.
I think it was a wise decision to let the soulpatch go!
They look very good on you


Love the Specs,

They look really good!

Nice peeps and I must say you're looking great buddy! It's so nice to see.

See you at Gnomedex this year - this time perhaps in the flesh?

I hope so, and I'm planning on it.