28 January 2008


Help design this year's Northern Voice poster

Northern Voice Poster Draft (NEW UPDATE) at Flickr.comVancouver artist Basco5 is once again designing the fabulous poster for the upcoming fourth annual Northern Voice blogging and social media conference here in town. (Last year the organizers were kind enough to give me one of Basco5's big 2007 posters, which now hangs in our bedroom.)

This year, Basco5 and the NV crew would like your input to help design the poster, so head on over to Flickr and leave a comment if you have ideas or suggestions.

I already like this year's tiki text/"squishy volcano" look.

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Derek, I wish he was a Vancouver artist but last June he moved to Copenhagen, Denmark. I guess we can say this year's poster has some Scandinavian influences.