19 February 2008


Easy open packaging? Really?

I've complained before about those infernal ocean-crossing container–resistant sealed blister packs so many products come in. Among the worst are kids' toys like Barbie and Bratz dolls, which have sometimes taken my wife and me as much as 20 minutes to open with the assistance of various sharp implements, and with the consequence of the occasional injury.

So today I was shocked, and very skeptical, about a Bratz doll my older daughter received for her tenth birthday over the weekend. Right there on the package was a big sticker: "NEW EASY OPEN PACKAGE":

Easy open package? Easy open package success!

Yeah right, I thought.

Then, perhaps three minutes later, the doll and its accessories were free. I had used only my fingers. No scissors, knives, or even teeth. The EASY OPEN PACKAGING really was easy to open. Really!

Is this some sort of sign of the Apocalypse?

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I always taught my children : "When you see 'easy opening' on the package, don't even try, use scissors".

Maybe this doll proves me wrong... I'll never know, not intending to buy such an ugly doll any time !

How can children play with such monsters ? All very misterious to me.
I remember trying to open Barbie dolls for my daughters, and how long it tool. The way the dolls were tied down into the box you'd think they were marketed as "Bondage Barbie."

On a more serious note, the environmental impact of all that packaging really gives me pause for thought.

John Meadows
I found the perfect tool to open these pesky blister packs. A pair of offset shears, so you don't have to touch the sharp edges of cut plastic:

For Christmas we received a tool specifically designed to open blister packs. Of course, it came in a blister pack, with the wry message on it to the effect of, "This will be the last package you're frustrated to open!"

It works reasonably well, but sometimes we still need to break out the scissors. I haven't had to resort to the Henckels knives recently, however.
hallelujah. households all over will weep with relief. That's all I have to say. (except can someone pls figure out how to open stupid-wrapped-cds? wait. no one buys those anymore do they?)