19 May 2008


On the circuit

Crazy Kingsway - 3 at Flickr.comI was driving back from the Vancouver suburb of Maple Ridge with the kids today, and my older daughter was playing Mario Kart DS in the back seat.

It was a strange cognitive experience, because we were barreling down the Mary Hill Bypass with Mario Kart music playing. My younger daughter said she was glad we weren't getting hit by red shells, and I was pleased to be able to resist bumping into other cars or going off wacky jumps.

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Go see Speed Racer (pretty family-friendly, the drivers all get covered in bubble-pods when their cars get smashed up) and you'll have more of the same experience... I came out of the theatre last night and was walking down Robson St with a whole new awareness of traffic!
It's a good thing you guys don't play GTA. You'd have to resist running over pedestrians and picking up hookers.
mmMMMmmm, hoo....

I'm actually battling the urge to go buy an XBox 360 just so I can play GTAIV. I played III a couple of years back and it completely out prioritized my normal life. Reports are that this one is much better and frankly, I didn't know the scales went that high. Super Mario Galaxy is pretty awesome too, though arguably in a more hearts and stars and sparkles and princesses kind of way.
Fortunately, with the kids riding, there's not enough room in our car for hookers anyway.

And we have Super Mario Galaxy as well, which I wish had a more comprehensive multiplayer mode. However, I have had no urge whatsoever to leap off floating orbs in the sky, or to grow a big Italian plumber moustache, which I guess are both good things.