30 June 2008


Geeky geeky geeky

Over at the Your Geekiest Photos photo pool that I set up at Flickr a few months ago, we have accumulated quite a collection, but it could be bigger. Don't forget to join up and add your own.

Dig deep into your archives—it would make a nice birthday present for me.

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It's not my geekiest photo (like I'd show other people those)... but it's the geekiest one online right now. :)

Sadly, it's really more "dorky" than geeky. Good god, what was I thinking with the glasses and the bowl cut?
daveo uploaded a couple doozies to flickr last week that would be well worth requesting to be added:

ps. happy slightly belated birthday!
Oh, those are some awesome. Requested.
i know! i only wish i had any that geek-worthy to dig up!