12 July 2008


First roll

I said I'd show you the first photos with my new/old Nikon F4 film camera. Here they are. Just for extra retro appeal, my first roll of film was black and white, using an expired roll of Ilford XP2 film:

Derek with Nikon F4 Sidewalk grate Bush Sour face B.C. Ford Miss L Tree bark Hat
My nightly regimen Nikon D50 Leaves Light pole Beach ball Miss M Miss L sleeping
The girls Tree Derek Flag and garage Graffiti on electrical box Flowers Parking lot lights

I took all of them with a single fixed-length prime lens, my Nikkor 50 mm f/1.8, the kind of lens all cameras used to come with.

P.S., I told you the camera was big. But it really is a marvel of electromechanical engineering—the promo materials say it has more than 1700 parts, including the clever tiny LCD and LED panels inside the camera body showing exposure information.

I'm sure modern cameras have a variety of equally interesting stuff, but what's cool about the F4 is that it's designed to be disassembled so you can actually get at the guts. The focusing screen, shutter, mirror, film winding mechanism, and so on are all easily visible, so it's much easier to understand what the camera is doing when you take a picture.

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Hahaha expired roll of Ilford XP2 film. How many times have I seen the photographers in my family using expired films, because they were still lieing about.

Love the B&W. You suddenly are drawn to facial expressions and composition. It gives the pictures a timeless feel.

Btw you think your camera looks big? You should see my boyfriend's Mamiya...
Expired rolls, when you buy them new as I did, are also much cheaper than the same film pre-expiry, and often work just as well.

There are lots of good ways to create B&W photos with digital originals, but no digital camera sensor (anymore) is designed to take B&W photos from the ground up, as B&W film is. I don't know how much difference that might make, however.
I think all these shots are gorgeous, nice work Derek!