29 July 2008


The purple E! The purple E!

I'm not sure I'm entirely comfortable supporting the TMZ paparazzi (a woman near the end of the video calls them "vultures"), but it's refreshing to see a celebrity like John Mayer have just as much trouble doing family phone tech support as the rest of us:

Via Dan "No Longer Fake Steve" Lyons.

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"I didn't do anything to the computer, I'm not home!"
That is positively hysterical. I do that with my mother all the time! LOL
I feel for the Dad having been there many times..but when you are kind enough to call me back you never even approach the kind of frustration heard in Mr. Mayer's voice...A thousand thanks,Derek...Gail and I would dump the computer if not for you.

Be well.

This was absolutely brilliant, Derek!

Thanks for this. By the way, very, very glad to hear you're feeling better (saw your tweet).

And also, thanks for the recommendations on Indian food in Burnaby. Time for me to branch out of Vancouver!

Have a good weekend.