13 September 2008


Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street again

Some time ago I linked to an awesome Stevie Wonder performance of "1-2-3" on Sesame Street from 1972. Now Bill has found another one from the same session:

Watch the drummer smile hugely just as Stevie and the band kick in at the beginning of the song, and feel the groove get stronger and stronger as the song speeds up. "Superstition" has been one of my favourite songs since I was a very little kid (probably since around the time of the video). The circular horn line in particular is buried primally in my hindbrain somewhere.

How could Stevie Wonder be that awesome 35 years ago, and then hardly put out any music over the past couple of decades? Damn.

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Thanks for posting this. Awesome performance!

As someone who was a teen in the '80's, I was clearly born in the wrong era. I wish that this was the music I got to enjoy as a teen. The funky bass lines, the horns, the groove, the incredible talent of the musicians...music was good back then. Nothing like what's on the radio now. Of course, there is great music being made. it just doesn't get mainstream recognition. I find it funny that I spend more time listening to music that was made before I was born or while I was a toddler than to the crap I actually listened to in high school.

And the kid dancing on the fire escape? Priceless.