06 November 2008


I'll be on CBC Radio again this afternoon

AUDIO ONLINE: I've posted audio from the interview online late this evening, in case you missed the broadcast.

Cancer Treatment: Day 62 (in Studio 31)For the first time in almost a year and a half, I'll be appearing on CBC Radio Vancouver's On the Coast afternoon drive-time show to talk about my ongoing cancer treatment, this time with new host Stephen Quinn.

I'm recording the interview this morning, but it will go to air later this afternoon—I'll update this post once I find out precisely when. If you're not in broadcast range of CBC Vancouver in southwestern B.C. (690 AM in Vancouver, also currently experimentally at 88.1 FM), you can listen to the high bandwidth or low bandwidth Windows Media stream (Mac users can use the free Flip4Mac plugin).

UPDATE: My interview, recorded before lunchtime this morning, will be broadcast just after the 5 o'clock news today, around 5:10 p.m.

I'll do my best to post the audio to my podcast afterwards as well. You might also want to listen to a related interview I gave to the national CBC Radio show Spark this last spring, which was rebroadcast just a few weeks ago too.

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A week or two ago, I heard a repeat broadcast of your CBC digital legacy interview. It was on a Sunday afternoon, I think.
Am listening in. Thankfully the time difference works! Midday here.
Great show, Derek. Lots of great things said. Did I imagine it or did they spell your web site wrong?

Hope to be over to see you soon.

Just checked the audio -- Mr. Quinn spelled it right.
great interview Derek. I hope you continue to progress and do well.