01 December 2008


Sixth-photo meme

Beth is propagating a meme. If you use Flickr, go to the sixth page of your photostream and pick the sixth picture there, then post it to your blog. Here's mine:

Leaves 4

The next people I'll tag for this meme? I'm supposed to pick six: Arieanna and Ianiv, John, Mark, Gillian, Dave, and Tony.

But hey, don't let that restrict you. If you want to join in, then have at it!

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That's a really beautiful photo! Much better than my photo of my shoe!
Black and white rocks. Some things just look better sans couleur.
oh i think i might do this too! :)
Hey Derek ... I don't have a blog ... so I'll use yours ... ;-) Here's my 6th from 6 .... not particularly inspiring, but at least it's not North America!


Steve Taylor (aka The_BigBlueCat - Twitter, Flickr)
Melbourne, Australia
Thanks for thinking of me Derek. Turns out it's a picture of my incredible daughter, Ella.


Not a very interesting one, but my seven-year old niece is pretty cute.


She's hamming it up for the camera at Disney On Ice: High School Musical at the Pacific Coliseum.
What if I only have 4 pages?
Two options:

(a) Take more pictures.
(b) Pick the sixth photo on page 4.

It's not like this is a law or anything. Do whatever you think is close enough!