25 November 2008


My crazy new mutant eyelashes

Back at the beginning of this year, the chemotherapy treatments I received made my hair thin and grey. My eyelashes similarly thinned out almost to unrecognizability. But I'm on a different chemo regimen now that doesn't make me shed hair, so check them out now...

Derek's crazy mutant post-chemo eyelashes

I had shaved my head in March because of the annoyance. It has grown back very slowly, but now it's back and dark again. I didn't trim my lashes: they just fell out. What's weird is they have come back at a bizarre fluffy mutant length, like I'm wearing a ton of mascara.

Raul asked, "Do they feel different? e.g. do you have any particular sensitivity around the hair follicles?" Not there, but when I blink, they now brush against the lenses of my glasses, which is a strange feeling. And I can see them—another change.

Although they have been pretty long most of my life, my eyelashes have never looked anything like this before. But I've gotten used to them, and most of the time I don't notice the difference unless I look in the mirror. Check out my Brezhnev eyebrows too. Those are going to need a trim.

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You should be in a mascara commercial. I'm sure your wife could set you up.
I've got some guys eyebrow taming goo you could have.. ;-)
Congratulations. You are now thinking about and commenting on the sillier stuff. This must be a kind of progress. BTW, my baldness did not change after chemo... sadly.
i'm jelly. my lashes are completely sparse. i can literally count how many i have.
UPDATE: Finally, they're trimmed!
Read another post today about crazy eyelashes: https://thecolonchronicles.blogspot.com/2009/05/shes-got-betty-davis-eeeeyyyeesss.html

Totally strange. Different meds, too.