02 February 2009


Ten worst best cars

Via Ken Rockwell, here's the kind of list you don't see very often: Car and Driver admitting to a list of 10 Most Embarrassing Award Winners in Automotive History, including many of their own choices. The Renault Alliance and Chevy's Vega and Citation were all award-winners at one point. That is embarrassing.

One of the reason car aficionados love BBC's Top Gear is that they rarely make such mistakes. They even have a category of "WTF? Car" for particularly egregious examples of bad or misguided motor vehicle design. Scroll down the Foreman Blog home page for a fun list of them.

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OMG! The Foreman blog is a hilarious must read. Thank you!
As a design tip you should make the penmachine headline image on the top of your blog a link to the index
Yeah, I tried to do that with the initial redesign back in May '07, but the way I constructed the CSS made that difficult, and I never really fixed it. It certainly should do that. Maybe your comment will give me the incentive. In the meantime, use the HOME link underneath it.