23 January 2009


Two Vancouver fog photos, almost completely identical

Was the now-famous Vancouver fog photo taken by Scott Miller from the Vancouver Sun, or Blair Kent? As I show in this short video, the answer could be... both:

The two images were made at almost the same time, in almost exactly the same location off the Cypress Bowl road above Vancouver. But they are two different photos—the clouds have moved, and the tree in the corner shows a very slightly different perspective.

So, to Scott and Blair both: great pictures. I can't say which is better.

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awesome work. agree on both photos kicking ass.
They could also be two different exposures from Blair's camera, for all I know. I can get into all sorts of obsessive photographic douchebaggery when I'm sick in bed, it seems.
LOL - that's a great demo! Thanks for sharing :)
Thanks for doing all the great work on this! I hope whoever took the photos gets some good credit for taking such wonderful exposures.
So glad you cleared that up! Either way, they're great photos.

Odd that both are exactly the same exposure and white balance.
Which is why they could both the Blair's, although if you look at them the colour saturation is a bit less pronounced on the one with his email address -- that could be a different colour space for the JPEG file, or actual differences in saturation processing in the camera or in software.

Alas, we only have the EXIF data from the first one (7:25 a.m. on January 18, Canon 5D Mark II, 4/10 sec @ f/10 aperture priority, ISO 400, Canon 70-200 lens @ 200 mm, firmware 1.0.6). Seeing the EXIF for Blair's would help determine if that's from a different camera in reality.
Very cool Derek! Thanks for the video... ;) I love both the photos. I wonder if they saw each other shooting at nearly the same spot at nearly the same time, if it was in fact, two different people.

Hey, you should come by the MEET n' GREET on my blog this weekend, if you have time -- It would be awesome to have you a part of the fun!

See you soon...

Reports on Flickr indicate that there were a bunch of photographers up there that morning, so everyone certainly saw each other.
Thanks for this, I loved it!! You are a good detective.

Now: what is the name of the mountain on the right side of the photo?

I already identified that in my original blog post! Mount Constitution on Orcas Island in Georgia Straight, most likely. On the left is one of the mountains near Bellingham, Washington on the mainland, maybe Stewart Mountain.
Ah, thanks for identifying! I missed the original post since I landed here via darrenbarefoot. :)

I totally thought the one on the left was Mt. Baker!

Thanks. :)
First off. Amazing Photo. Secondly in my honest opinion if this exposure was taken by a second photographer, he was a magician to be able to get the exact placement of the camera, I am not sure I could calculate the odds. Either way *Phantastic* shots.
It looks like the BCTV News Hour will address the question of who took this photo on their 6 p.m. edition today (Jan 28).
My opinion is that it's two different exposures from the same camera (Blair's).
Seriously? Like it's the only one of its kind??? The Cypress lookout is available to anyone. Park, snap, wow. On foggy days, you have to use your thinker and realize mountains just might be above the clouds.
People can have similar shots, but these two are almost identical. Same exposure, same zoom/crop, and same location (exactly). Too coincidental to be two different people.e
I have doubt that those were taken by two different people. When you flick the photos (in the video), put your mouse on *any* lights of the building. None of the lights move. The horizon does not move, the mountains do not move.

This is way too much coincidence. I say they were taken from the same tripod.
Do note that I lined the images up precisely and also cropped them to match in order to show the cloud changes -- they actually don't have exactly the same framing. You can see more of the tree in one, for instance. So they are not quite as identical as they might seem in the video.
Well, Blair did say he has 2 other photos that show more/less of the tree. So I'm betting it's one of those. He said he would post them in few days.