27 July 2009


Booze, smokes, girls, advertising

Here's what I'd look like if I were on the TV show Mad Men, set at the turn of the smokin', drinkin', womanizin' 1960s of Manhattan advertising men:

Derek "Mad Men" scene

Image made using the Mad Men Yourself tool (via Kottke). My wife and I are making our way through the Season 2 DVDs right now, and I feel like I'm getting second-hand smoke through the television.

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Ha! I love this show. I can't wait for the new season to start.
I've watched both seasons. I'm not as drawn to it as most seem to be. It's not bad... but it's not "great" to me (yet?) either.
This was fun, Derek. Thanks!

(EAC member, who saw your name pop up as a Facebook Friend suggestion and thought it was high time to check in and see what you're up to these days)