14 August 2009


Cooking with pearls

Julia child pearls at Flickr.comMy wife and daughters went with my mom to see Julie and Julia the other day, and my older daughter M was inspired. Seeing the efforts of an inexperienced blogger cooking up the famous recipes of Julia Child, M has decided to put her mind to cooking, which she hasn't done much of yet. (She's eleven.)

You can follow her progress on her blog. Her first step was simple, a poached egg, and she's since moved on to chopping onions and more. When my wife, a teacher, returns to work in a few weeks, M and I plan to work on dinner together each night. Since I'm not much of a cook either, I'm sure we'll both learn something. Will we ever get to beef bourguignon? I doubt it, but you never know.

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Soooo sweet. Just got back from the movie and am investing in butter stocks in the short run.
I can't wait to see the movie, and will watch your daughter's progress with interest.

Also, I have a beef bourguignon-ish recipe that is way less complicated than the one you liked to, and is just about my favourite thing with crusty bread on cold, dark nights, if you want to try it.