02 August 2009


Wakeup time

Seven-segment displayA couple of days ago, I woke up and looked at my clock radio, reading 1:22. That surprised me—I didn't think I'd slept in till well in the afternoon. But it turned out I was just at a funny angle, and couldn't read the top of the first seven-segment digital numeral. It was actually 7:22 a.m., so I went back to sleep and woke up a couple of hours later instead.

Then there was today. My current cancer medication causes somewhat unpredictable intestinal side effects. Last night included some of the worst. I was in the bathroom from midnight until just before 2 a.m., then again from 4 to 6, then up and down every half an hour or so until at least 9:30 a.m. In other words, I had perhaps three hours of sleep before morning.

So, when things had calmed down enough, I feel asleep again. Guess what time I woke up? 1:22 p.m., for real this time.

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How utterly disgustingly, stinkgly horrible!. A lot of my life I have the opposite problem, Wanna swap problems? seriously though, your ass must be sore.
Penaten cream isn't just for babies.
One does not need to be on medication to have trouble processing the clock display in the night. I woke and looked at the clock. The time was 4:04. I thought, "Oh, it can't find the page", and went back to sleep.