Morning routine

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Lucy rollsLike most dogs, our puppy Lucy needs to go out of the house each morning (at least if we want her not to make a mess on the floor). So I've developed what's turned into a pleasant routine.

I wake up and drag myself out of the bedroom—I've never been a snap-out-of bed morning person—and Lucy, who's usually snoozing between our pillows at that time (and who does snap out of bed), toddles along after me, her claws clacking on the hardwood. I say good morning to the kids, who are watching TV by that time, then put a bathrobe over my pajamas, and make a cup of coffee. Then Lucy and I head to the back yard.

I grab a lawn chair and sip my coffee while Lucy does her business, runs around, and rolls on the lawn. This past few weeks the weather has been pretty nice, so I'll often sit out there in the morning sun for 10 or 15 minutes and finish my cup. Maybe the kids will drop by too.

Then I'll wander back inside—Lucy follows eventually—and get the morning started, making the girls some lunch for school and so on. It's a nice slow start to the day.


That sounds like a really nice morning routine! My morning routine involves coffee making, but no adorable dog!

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