The end of Mad Men season 4

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Two thoughts for the Mad Men fans out there about tonight's season finale:

  • Dr. Faye was right way back, about Don being a type, who would be remarried within a year.
  • Megan's French sounded like it was from France, not Montreal. Was that on purpose? Jessica Paré, the actress who plays her, is actually Québecois, so perhaps it was. Or maybe my ear for French accents is worse than it used to be.

Yes, count me in with the people who were hoping the marriage proposal was a dream sequence. But it remains true that you can't predict where this show is going, even week to week.

Given how long it's likely to be until season 5 starts (next summer), I hope I'm still alive to see it!

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I too thought the French sounded more Parisian than Qu├ębecois, but my French isn't that good. All I could pick up on her phone conversation to her mother was "It's me!"

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