Eleven years old

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My younger daughter Lolo turned 11 today. She shares her birthday with my cousin Tarya, as well as Wayne Gretzky, Ellen DeGeneres, and Australia.

The year I was 11, back in 1980–81, the Iran-Iraq War began, The Empire Strikes Back ruled the box office, Ronald Reagan became U.S. President, the Space Shuttle Columbia made the first-ever orbital shuttle flight, John Lennon was shot dead (and Reagan and Pope John Paul II nearly so), Terry Fox died, Voyager I passed Saturn, Walter Cronkite retired, AC/DC released Back in Black, and "O Canada" officially became our national anthem. I was attending the same elementary school Lolo does now, and my family got our first personal computer, a borrowed TRS-80 Model I with 4 KB of RAM and cassette-tape storage.

Will this be as momentous a year? No one knows yet. Sadly, though, it is unlikely I'll live to see Lolo's next birthday in 2012.

Happy birthday, not-so-little one.


Happy Birthday Lo Lo! I remember sitting outside with your Mum when she told me she was pregnant with you. Bizarre to think you are already 11 years old! Thankfully I remain 21..,,,

Happy birthday Lo Lo from germany. I hope that you had a nice party. in 1981 as i became eleven my parents bought me my first computer, a sinclair zx81. There were 1k memory. Just think of the improvements you will discover. So be curios for the things to come.
Have a nice day !

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