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While the general trend of my health is—as anyone should expect—downward, it's hard to know when I'm having a down day or two, as opposed to entering a new phase of declining health more generally. This past weekend, while my pain was better than average, my fatigue kept me pretty much stuck in the house hanging out with the dog, throwing up occasionally. I started to wonder whether I was suddenly becoming housebound. Yesterday's post gave you a clue to my mindset.

Yet today I was quite a lot better, more awake, able to do more chores (cleaning out the fridge, a bit of laundry), just generally feeling in a better mood, mentally and physically. I still didn't get out, but at least I felt like I could.

And tomorrow I will. I have an appointment to see an Dr. Anderson, an ENT specialist in Coquitlam, in the afternoon about my laryngitis. If anyone can find a solution, I'm hoping Dr. Anderson will be the guy. To have some part of my body start working relatively normally again would be a boost to my disposition. At the least, it would be nice if people calling on the phone could expect to hear and understand me clearly.

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