05 July 2007


Having surgery, off the grid till mid-July

Tomorrow by this time I'll be at St. Paul's Hospital recovering from my major cancer surgery. My rectum and a chunk of my lower colon will be gone. Depending on how things go, it's also possible that my left kidney will be removed as well, if the surgeons can't reconnect the ureter after removing my tumour. I will either have a temporary ileostomy to let the doctors later hook up my plumbing again, or if that's not feasible, a permanent colostomy. No one knows yet.

Yeah, okay, that freaks me out. But I'm ready, I think.

It's been a strange couple of days. Yesterday my wife and I met with the urologist and the pre-surgical team and went through all the details. By the end of it I was aching and tired, and slept and slept and slept. Today I'm on an all-liquid diet to prepare (Jello is as solid as it gets), and even though I haven't taken my sodium phosphate solution yet, my intestines are purging out in anticipation anyway.

I'll be in the hospital at least ten days. I won't be blogging or Facebooking or reading email. My wife may post some stuff here, and my dad has started a blog that will include updates. See you in mid-July sometime.

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Good luck, Derek. I just came across this posting on my story patrol. And I'm rooting for you. Keep strong,jj
Godo luck, dude. In your recovery, surround yourself with love and gadgets, in that order.
Hey Derek, I'll be waving my figurative pompoms for you.
Er, that's 'good', not 'godo'. As you might have guessed.
All the best, Derek!
I wish you all the best. You have no idea how many people are following you with their prayers and wishes.
Good luck, I hope your recovery goes well.
Derek, we are thinking of you and are hoping for the best possible outcome for your surgery tomorrow.
All the best
Norbert and Christine
Best of luck Derek.
Good luck Derek! I have three kidneys. I'd give you one of mine if they'd let me. (Sadly, they seem to think that would be unhealthy.)

See you when you're back!
Do chocolate milkshakes count as liquid? You might try that when you get hungry. I hope you bring the Big C to its knees
Derek -
Know that you and your family will be in our thoughts (as they have been, especially in the last few weeks)in the next stage of this journey. We wish you well...and a safe surgery.
- Christel
Derek, I'm wishing you all my best prayers and thoughts. It's a huge day for you tomorrow, but soon a day that you can put behind you and move forward. I'm glad your Dad will be blogging so we'll have updates.

Kick that stupid cancer hard, I'm so mad at that disease. Be strong and good luck ....Barbra
Glad the day is finally here. I'll be waiting anxiously for the updates. Good vibes your way from my entire family. Take care, and soak up all that attention and special care at the hospital.
Hey Derek. Good luck tomorrow. I'm sure you'll get through it. Holly and I will be thinking positive thoughts all day.
Good Luck. We're thinking of you.
All the best from Maple Ridge,Derek.Our thoughts are with you and your immediate family.

"Damn the torpedoes"
All the best Derek. We're thinking of you.
I'm visualizing you riding your bike to work and enjoying life. Tomorrow the ride continues.
Love, Gail
Lots of good thoughts going your way for tomorrow and the coming days!
Wanting nothing but the best of outcomes for you.
i'll be thinking of you allllll the way over here in virginia, USA! hang in there - and see you on the other side.... ps- whatwill i do without my penmachine fix everyday??!!

:) much love, dude!

Good luck Derek. May the force be with you.

Dono & Lynn
Don't worry about what's happening in cyberland just concentrate on getting better, OK. I'm with you all the way and Airdrie and the girls as well. Hear from you when I hear from you.
Good luck, wishing you all the best!
Hope all goes well, Derek.
Hi Derek, The whole family is thinking of you and yours. Good luck tomorrow and beat this crap. Love, Ray & Family
We love you Derek so so much..we think about you all the time. Our thoughts are with you. It just has to be O.K...Be strong..Much love...Auntie Sirkka
Derek, from our hearts to yours, strength and love. Airdrie, same goes for you ...

Terry & John
Come on everybody!

We'll fucking shout that cancer out!

Derek! Derek! Derek!
Derek! Derek! Derek!
Derek! Derek! Derek!
Excellent. You'll finally do the surgery. Then try to forget about the cancer, I suggest. Also, not very relevant for this post, but I'd like to comment that you have a wonderful wife.
We'll be blasting your tunes and thinking of you!
Hey get well man! Ten years from now you'll be doing Inside Home Recording with your multitouch mouse and playing us one of your tunes, which you've made with Garageband 12.0. Take care!
All the best, Derek. We'll think of you.

Good luck and get well soon!
Kick out the Jams!

Playing and podcasting Penmachine tracks all week to send out the positive vibes!
Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Get well soon!
Best of luck Derek, Jayne and I are thinking of you.
by now you'll have had your surgery. i wish you a speedy, easy, painless and comfortable recovery. and as darren said: love and gadgets!
Derek, I hope everything went well. Thinking about you. I'll check your Dad's update site. I know they're worried sick.