07 July 2007


"Hi" from the hospital


That's incredible ! You found a way to be on your blog even from a hospital bed !

It is reassuring to see you in the flesh, and I notice that children are admitted in canadian hospitals, which is not the case here (except for brothers and sisters of the new born in maternities).

Nice to see your daughters laugh, and hoping for good health reports soon !

"Hi" from Paris.
Awesome! It's great to see you and hear your voice. And I LOVE the giggles.
Wow! You came out of the anesthetic and felt good enough to vlog! That bodes well for you.
LOVE IT! i knew you wouldn't be able to stay away!!!! ps- your dad totally rocks!
Derek! Awesome to see you looking so good so soon after major surgery! Such a cool thing that you can post this for us, we are all thinking of you.
love from Tara and Morgan

Amazing to see you and get that reassurance.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Mark, Andrea, Lucy and Bayla
You're amazing
For someone one day status post major surgery, you look terrific, Derek. Sound great too!
Man, I heard some good healing giggles in that. Make sure you get more!

Take care.
Hi Derek! We too are amazed!! You look/sound FANTASTIC!!!!! Thanks so much for letting us all know that you are doing so well and I have to tell you, the giggles are just so sweet and, as your friend Gillian said, such good healing giggles!!!!

Terry & John
You look and sound great, Derek! Hope you're out soon...thinking about you and your family daily.
Hooray for happy hospital rooms! :)

Nice to see you, fun to hear the giggles!
Boy, it's a relief to see you in good spirits...thanks for the video, Derek!

Best wishes from Dennis, Johann and Matthew!
Wow. Looking at myself I can't believe I appeared that chipper and with it one day after the operation. I was putting on a bit of a brave face, of course, and after this frame immediately slept.

I'm doing okay now, six days after that and following some setbacks, but still, I think don't quite match up to the spunk in that video even today. Soon, though!