08 July 2007


Kickin' it old skool: pen and paper


If I were a doctor I'd want my name to be Dr. Phang. And I'd want to star in a vampire movie.
Nice to see you on your feet,big guy.
Nice to know you're up and about and getting good care there.
I knew you would be up and at least trying to blog. When I had surgery, I tried very hard to get back to "normal" as soon as I could. That meant blogging from my Blackberry in the recovery room. Somehow it reassures you you're alive :-)
I love the handwritten blog, too funny!

3 days without food? Aaugh! Sure, it's worth it, but.. aaaugh!

Happy to hear you're strolling the halls already!
Glad to see you up and mobile. It's more reassuring than just words in a blog.
You're looking good, Derek. I look forward to seeing you again here soon and on IHR.
Good to see you lurking around. Hope the operation went well.

Glad to see you up and about Derek :) And bloggin' old skool ;)
This is my first time stopping by. I pray that you are feeling better and get to go home soon! I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through. Stay strong and optimistic. Miracles do happen. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
To francine: yeah, Blogging is real good tool actually for having a balanced mental well being. It's diary, journalling, you name it.
Derek, Shoko and I have had you and your family in our prayers speedy recovery. Todd. Aloha