16 October 2007


Hiccups as a side effect of (hic!) chemotherapy

I don't often get hiccups, and they weren't high on the list of possible chemotherapy side effects, but it turns out that at least three of the drugs I'm taking (5-fluorouracil, irinotecan, and the antinauseant dexamethasone) can cause them.

And I've got 'em. They aren't nasty or continuous, but they have come and gone all day, along with a bit more of that runny nose. I'm hoping they'll go away once I get the chemo bottle removed tomorrow afternoon. But as side effects go, the hiccups are mild for me, and I certainly prefer them to most of the alternatives.

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Don't worry. Even baby porcupines get hiccoughs. Almost better than sea otters holding hands!
That is funny. Holly gets hiccups too. I thought that it was her, not the medicine.
I hope they go away, too. Take care!
My children always had the hiccups - even before their birth, and it was funny, my belly having little spasms.

My grandmother kept saying : "Enfant hoquetant, enfant bien portant".

It turned out right, the three of them are just fine. Now will we be able to build the saying "Chimio à hoquets, cancer au piquet" ?

I am unable to try those kind of things in english.