19 December 2007


How to take better Christmas photos

Working away at Flickr.comOur handsome pal Kris "kk+" Krug just did an interview on CBC Radio's On the Coast with lots of cool tips on how to take better holiday photos.

He knows how to take the pictures, so his advice is worth following. You don't need the big monster camera like his, by the way.

I'm also fond of the holiday eating tips ("If something comes with gravy, use it. That’s the whole point of gravy.") passed along by Arieanna, who also got an insanely huge Christmas tree this year.

Finally, don't forget the Mythbusters Christmas Rube Goldberg Machine:

It has Diet Coke and Mentos, as well as a holiday beef roast propelled right out of an oven. Thanks to my daughters for finding that one.

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Dude, your photo on your profile is kinda spooky, creepy. Not charming really.
Yup, that's partly why I like it. Check out the full size version.
Cool! Initially, when I saw the photo I thought you flipped a little bit (not that that would be necessarily bad), but now I know you are fine.
Those guys on MBs have way too much time on their hands. :)