30 March 2008


Life, death, and the blog

I spoke to the BC Branch of the Editors' Association of Canada a week and a half ago, about how I've integrated my online and offline lives since getting cancer last year. I've now posted an enhanced audio podcast of my talk, which includes my slides as part of the MPEG-4 file (24 MB, about 1 hour).

If you're subscribed to my podcast feed, you may already have the file on your computer or iPod.

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Hi Derek:

I listened to this on the commute into the office this morning. Very interesting!!

It's giving me some ideas for a segment on my own show technology and changing attitudes toward privacy.
Our Lives: Drawing Boundaries, Keeping A Record - "...Derek talks about how the very act of writing about his illness in his blog took away some of the pressure..."
Life, death, virtual immortality and the digital executor: '...As Derek points out in his talk, someone hosts all this material. Web servers, computers, etc. He asks the question of whether he should have a "digital executor" who would take charge of his "virtual estate"...'
Darren points to Legacy Locker, which is a start (though how good a one is an open question) to dealing with our digital legacies after we die. Dave Winer also had some interesting ideas about "personal endowments" back in 2007.