28 March 2008


Dubious milestones

vomit at Flickr.comIt took almost six months (or a year, if you count my previous treatments), but I finally hit one of those chemotherapy milestones everybody talks about.

Yesterday I had my 12th of what are so far supposed to be 16 treatments since last October. Then, last night, I barfed up my dinner. It's not the first time I've thrown up since beginning cancer treatment, but it was the first time caused by the chemo.

While overall, my side effects haven't been as bad as I might have expected, chemo does feel something like a slow, slow piledriver. Every couple of weeks, I get hammered down. And while my recovery time is pretty quick, each blow pushes me a bit further down. I finally decided to shave my head, for instance, because my hair was just shedding too much.

But, you know, my wife is making butter chicken for dinner, plus cupcakes for her and the kids. And today, I don't feel like I'm going to barf up anything at all. That's progress.

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That's progress, alright! Butter chicken sounds delicious, as do cupcakes. Enjoy!
Hi, I came across your blog last night when I was googling "colostomy." My husband (28 in April) has been going through a lot of health problems for 2 1/2 yrs now. He is currently back in the hospital and had to have his colostomy put back in (he had just gotten it taken down 3 weeks ago, but his colon leaked again, another infection...so on.) He is told he's going to have it on for 6 months this time. So, really I just wanted to comment to say I enjoy reading your blog because I have a sense that we aren't alone in this. You actually look a little bit like my husband! Except now, that you are bald :) Anyways, I guess I will end this long comment here! I hope all continues to go well with your healing. Thanks for sharing your story.

I'm glad it's helpful. That's one reason I write here.
Hi Derek. I found your page while googling for an iPhone headphone adapter. You had hair in that pic, now you don't. After clicking on to your homepage, it was terribly clear. Good luck with the chemo! How was dinner?

I just watched the documentary/movie Sicko and was surprised to see how great your country's healthcare system is (and how terrible ours is). Cancer medications alone cost thousands of dollars for a month supply here in the US. I can't imagine how much the chemo treatments would cost.

Be well, friend!
I *love* butter chicken. Although if I *really* have to be very honest, I prefer curry chicken itself.

Derek: I lost my aunt and my grandmother to cancer. My other aunt (her sister) is currently battling cancer too, and undergoing chemo. I admire your courage and your strength. Hope to meet you at the next Vancouver Podcasters' Meetup.

Be well.