03 June 2008


Let's twist again, like we did last summer

My hospital visit a few days ago wasn't the last of it. I was back in Burnaby General's Emergency department last night once more, this time overnight. More harsh intestinal cramps (with bonus vomiting), almost certainly a sign of some sort of blockage, like the one I had right after my surgery last summer.

First thing today, my wife drove me directly from Burnaby Hospital to the B.C. Cancer Agency, where we met with my oncologist. He prescribed morphine and bed rest, and has me coming back tomorrow for some IV fluids. I'm home now, but I may get checked into the Cancer Agency ward for monitoring for a few days while my bowels rest up. I'm hoping to avoid another tube up my nose, but you never know.

At least this time my weight is back up, so if I lose a bunch of pounds I won't be skeletal.

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I sure hope you are feeling better soon Derek. Intestinal pain sucks. Take care.
Derek..."Non Carborundum Illegitami'


that sucks! thinking of you and the fam! hang in there!
Yuck. I really hope this does not take long to iron itself out.:) Thinking of you and Airdrie and the girls.
i gotta say, the humor in the subject line is much appreciated.

i hope it is nothing like last time and you are mending soon.
Ugh - that sounds horrible! Keep your chin up!!
Derek - are you doing ok? No posts for a couple of days leaves me wondering...
Yeah, I hope everything has worked itself out. Post up, bud.
Derek is in the hospital. He is feeling much better and should be home soon.
At least the cancer in under control
For those of you who are interested, here's a short blog of mine about Derek: