25 January 2009


Links of interest (2009-01-25):

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Strombo. Jian has the unfortunate habit of doing his show intro over the same semi-dramatic music that is supposed to lend weight to his words... and I know nothing of Ian aside from his last name being converted to 'Handsome Man Thing' - unfortunate absence from radio time, perhaps? Or just not when I'm listening?

'sides, Strombo's hawt.
Ooh, the Jian, Strombo, Ian question is a tough one.

I honestly don't know much about Jian, but love both Strombo (I watch The Hour n video podcast form) and Ian, who happens to play ball hockey at UBC where I sometimes play ball hockey (and he's just as hot in person as he is on TV). I did see Ian wearing a Leafs jersey to play ball hockey, though, so that loses him some points.
I guess nobody's judging on journalistic credibility then...