Happy birthday to me

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Gaaah! iPad!Okay, honestly, I feel like crap today. It's only been two days since my last chemotherapy treatment, so that's to be expected. But it is my 41st birthday, and my wife and kids bought me an iPad! (The 16 GB Wi-Fi model, if you're interested.) So that already makes it an improvement over other chemo days.

This is also my fourth birthday since I found out I have cancer back in 2007. Birthdays are milestones for everyone, but for me in particular, reaching another one is always a good sign.

Thank you to everyone who has wished me well on Twitter, on Facebook, on the phone, by mail, and in person. I hope the weather's decent for our party on Saturday.


Happy Birthday Derek and congratulations on making it to another milestone. I have been following your blog for awhile now and appreciate your posts.

I will be celebrating my 6 year old son's birthday which falls on the same day as yours. We are also in Burnaby.

Happy belated birthday! Looking forward to your party!

Happy Birthday. My father died of lung cancer and you are right. You are beating the odds. I appreciate your stories and the value of your posts (e.g. MT vs Wordpress).

Stay strong.

Warm Regards


Happy Birthday. Congratulations on #41 and #4, and on the new iPad ;)

Happy Birthday -- and many, many happy returns!

Sorry we weren't around for the day itself. Just catching up now after an unplugged cottage week.

Happy ipadding!

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