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My birthday was a few days ago, but the party was last night, to fall on the weekend, and to give me a few more days to recover from chemo. It was great. As we've done for several occasions these past few years, we just invited everybody and their dog (only one pup showed up), and most of them came. It was a fun happy mob.

In fact, it was so busy I had little time to talk to most of you, and have yet to open any of the gifts you all brought. So I'll say thank you in advance for those—and also to everyone for making time to come, and to those who couldn't make it, since I know many of you were out of town or otherwise occupied over the Canada Day/Fourth of July break. We've spent the morning collecting empties and tidying up, but there wasn't as much of that as I expected. (The big Rubbermaid bins labeled "EMPTIES" certainly helped last night.)

If you took photos or video, feel free to post them over on Flickr using the tag penmachine41, or to the Facebook event page in the photo section. I'd appreciate it.

I have a wonderful group of family and friends. Thanks for being here.


Both me and my Mom had a wonderful time, Derek. Thank Airdrie as well on our behalf. My Mom loved the opportunity to meet you, your family and so many of our common friends. Here's to many more!

Thank you guys for a wonderful always...Much Love Sirkka

Thanks for a terrific party. Pam and I had a great time and were thrilled to be part of the fun happy mob.

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