29 July 2007


I'm home

It's a day earlier than I expected, but I'm finally home from St. Paul's Hospital once more, after spending almost all of July there. I am tired and incredibly weak, but I plan to improve now, and not go back to the hospital again for a long time.

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Get well. Get well soon. We want you to get well!
(at 1:15).
Yay, you're home! Lol, Kerry-Anne. Derek, please don't try to fatten up on vintage cake, but do get well soon!
Glad to hear you're home again.. don't overdo things! Sleep, rest, love, be merry...
We're so glad to hear you are back home Derek. You have been very much on our minds. After spending almost 6 months in hospital, John really sympathizes with how you feel about getting home again! And so do I from a different perspective! We know how much time you will need to recuperate and we don't expect to hear from you. But do know, we are always thinking of you and always looking forward to hearing about your progress.

Much love from us both to you, Airdrie and the girls,
Terry & John
Happy to see that you are home. Hopefully now you can look forward to your recovery at home among the people that love you. Be well Derek and may you know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.
Hey Derek, glad to hear you are home finally. Being in the hospital has some advantages when you are ill, but nothing beats being in the comfort of home.

If you are up to it, I'll drop by for a visit this week.

Keep kicking cancer's ass.
Nice to know that you are back home,Derek.There can be no better place for R.and R...I can envision you on your new lounger with the cushion from your Mum...and which of the little darlings is serving you Cheesies while the other one tickles the ivories?
Be well.Be strong.
Gail sends her love.
I'm a new fan, already enjoyed a number of your back casts, and wishing you well from San Francisco. Rock on, please.
So awesome to hear that you're home! :)