10 August 2007


Thrown about by Bourne

Went to see The Bourne Ultimatum this afternoon with my wife. It was my first movie out since my surgery, and well worth it. (I watched the previous two films, which I hadn't seen, on DVD last week.)

I do have one complaint: director Paul Greengrass does a great job choreographing the fight and chase scenes so that you understand what's going on despite the chaos. But the handheld camerawork is sometimes so kinetic, bouncing and shaking and twisting, that in my current somewhat discombobulated state I actually had to close my eyes a few times to keep from getting dizzy or disoriented. A static camera is not always a bad thing.

The Bourne films are also pretty bleak, almost nihilistic. Still, I recommend seeing them if you haven't.

By the way, I'm still weak enough that after sitting in a chair watching a movie for two hours, I had to come home and lie down for two hours.

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It was great meeting you today in the Gnomedex chat. I was the one waving in the back. I am such a fan of the Bourne books and the conflict arc of Bourne and Carlos that I find it difficult to watch the movies. It would be like the Potter films without Voldemort.
We liked the movie too but I had the same feeling - almost nauseating how much the camera moved around.

Good to hear you were out and about, and hopefully I'll learn more about your segment at Gnomedex while I read through an entire weekend worth of blog posts from everyone.