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I think the last time I visited Disneyland was in 1986. I've had a couple of near-misses since: on our honeymoon, my wife Air and I had to skip a planned one-day visit there because of food poisoning (though we saw the fireworks from our motel pool), and Air and the kids went in 2007 while I was covering the NAMM Show next door at the Anaheim Trade and Convention Center. They also went back in 2008, but I didn't feel comfortable traveling that far across the border back then, and stayed home.

My cancer isn't really better, nor is it in remission, but it does seem to be stable or shrinking under my current chemo regimen, so we're thinking about taking another trip to Anaheim this summer—assuming my health remains largely as it is. I love the idea, but it freaks me out a bit too.

While there's no reason to think I'd have any catastrophic cancer-connected illness while we're there (and it is only a couple of hours away by air), I haven't been further into the U.S. than Seattle since I began my treatments more than three years ago. I simply haven't felt comfortable doing it, given how drastic medical costs can become when we Canadians cross the border.

But before that, I traveled pretty widely in America, particularly the westernmost part, with my parents, friends, and bandmates. I"ve been through at least parts of Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, New York, and Hawaii. I've probably seen more of the U.S.A. than of my native Canada, come to think of it.

But not recently. The last time I was at Disneyland, California Adventure was still a big parking lot, and Pixar had yet to make a film of its own, even a short one. I'm looking forward to seeing what's new, and I hope I'm ready. I'm also perfectly prepared to go back to our motel and lie down sometimes while we're there. That's the way things are for me now.


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Derek, I live 7 miles from D-land. You have a friend in So-Cal. If you get in trouble or need a ride, let me know. Enjoy your stay at the resort.

I can really understand your nervousness about being so far from the Canadian border. I haven't been in the US for about three years, and before that, not since 9/11. That said, I think you should go and see what's changed. My dad was at Disneyland with his girlfriend and her daughter about three years ago as well, and was astonished at how much it had changed in the 20 years since we had gone as a family.

Derek, I hope you are able to go and enjoy Disney to the fullest. That magic never wears off.

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