01 September 2007


Unusual instructions

Do Not Refrigerate at Flickr.comIn our modern age, most things you buy at the store should go in the refrigerator once you open them. Fresh peanut butter is one example.

For some reason, however, Nutella is not one of them:

Despite being advertised as a healthy breakfast choice for children, Nutella is approximately 50% fat and 50% sugar. [...] Nutella should not be refrigerated, since it causes the spread to harden.

Lovely. I like it on crêpes anyway.

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Mmmm... that is painfully good stuff. My first introduction to it was when I living in Holland. It was about as common there as peanut butter. My favorite thing was simply spreading it on a single slice of white bread and eating it as is.

I never paid attention to the details but being nut based I was always willing to believe it was healthy. Certainly someone at the label printers made a typo. ;)
Not directly related to nutella, but I don't think I ever ate peanut butter.
Nutella and fresh peanut butter are sometimes the only things keeping me alive (well, along with the bread I put them on). Sometimes, it's past midnight, you're hungry, but you can't leave the house.

Both are excellent on toast. Sometimes I toast two slices and have one slice of each spread.