15 September 2007


Video of my appearance at Gnomedex

Chris Pirillo has posted video of my piped-in appearance (from my bed) at Gnomedex last month:

A few people asked about it, and now there it is. Thanks, Chris.

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Amazing....well done Derek. I loved the Gnomedex song.......I'm still standing, I'm still applauding. Thanks for sharing the video
Hey Derek! I'm sorry it took me this long to get the video up on Chris' blog for you all. We ran into some trouble with one version, and had to wait on the actual DVD's before I could begin work! Gotta love technology, eh?

Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. You are a man of amazing strength and character.

Kat Armstrong
hey derek miller,

I think you never heard of me, nor have i heard of you before, until i saw this video on chris pirillo's site.

I watched the whole video, and i must say that i really admire your strength. You make fun, and even have a laugh, allthough you have cancer.

Allthough we don't know eachother, u left a big impression on me, and i will try to follow your blogs!

greetings from Mike-Linux, netherlands

I liked watching it too. Then end brought a tear to my eye.
Yeah, me too.
I'm a medical student and came across the Gnomedex video on youtube.

It's important to remember that we have this one life, and we have to enjoy it every minute ever day.

Hope you get well!
May Father bless you Derek in Jesus's name!

We have never met, yet I love you. You have strength beyond words. You are a very inspirational person! I loved the song, thank you! You gave us all A wonderful gift! :-)

I pray for you daily that you may be healed. You are a truly wonderful person!

Peace in Jesus, everyone.
I found more info about Gnomedex, I loved the song, thank you! I liked watching it too.