18 April 2008


What blog posts should I read on the radio?

Now that I'm going to be on the radio, again, "Spark" host Nora Young has asked me to pick a couple of my blog posts that I can read out (at least an excerpt, if it's a longer entry) on air—one related to my cancer treatment, one not. I just did a quick skim through and found a few candidates.

If you have a bit of time, take a look and tell me in the comments which of each type you think might sound good on the radio:

Cancer posts

Non-cancer posts

And of course, if you prefer something else I've written, let me know. Thanks!

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For the cancer ones, I vote for Dead Man Walking, or Bandages and Partners. Your task: get people weepy on the radio. Also, I like the idea of you saying "rectum" on CBC.

For the others, I do like the Rotary vs. iPhone, but I'm not sure how well a read-out list translates to radio. You would know best.
Dead Man Walking. Ironically I heard it read on the radio (Buzz bishop - Crave95) and that is how i dicovered your blog in the first place. It blew me away!
For cancer posts I vote for, Know your limit or, My Least favourite part of town. You try to do ordinary things but the cancer fucks it up. Actually the Fairview Slopes posts would be a good cross over posts, fits in both categories. Have fun on the radio. I'm looking forward to listening.
I (and many others) have read your "Dead Man Walking" blog post many times.

I would love to hear it read in your voice.
As others have indicated, "Dead Man Walking" is a moving piece. I would cast a very-close second place vote, though, for "Bandages and Partners" knowing how I feel about my wife's support for me. Is there some way for folks far away from you to hear the program?
For the cancer one, I vote Bandages and Partners.

For the non-cancer ones, I think the basics of podcasting one.

"Dead Man Walking" is very eloquent, Derek. I recommend that one. I'll think a bit about the non-cancer one.